Third Annual Contest for Inflammatory Language

Inflammatory Language is a series of primers on inflammation science. Care to contribute? There is a free preview copy of the following for the one winning submission:

Preview Copy of
The Forgotten Plague
American Experience 2/10/15
Photo by CM Doran 2015

American Experience: 
The Forgotten Plague
The Deadly Story of Tuberculosis in America 
and the Hunt for a Cure
Premiered 2/10/15

The 2013 winner was Dr. Monica Lalanda of Medicoacuadros. Her illustrations were included in Inflammatory Language: The Rain in Spain.... She received a signed copy of The Best Science Writing Online 2012.

This contest is a great opportunity for students, but anyone can contribute. The 2014 contest did not have a winner; there were no acceptable submissions.

So, for 2015, carefully select 300-500 words (or less) and/or an illustration that conveys inflammation. It can be humorous, political, or encompass pop culture or current events, but must be professional. It also needs to be appropriate for viewing/reading by most people.

The overall goal is to accurately inform readers.

Submissions can be sent to thefebrilemuse[at]gmail[dot]com. Please include "Inflammatory Language 2015 contest" in subject line, your professional byline, and your website URL, if you have one. Thank you in advance, and good luck! I look forward to reading your submissions.

Deadline:  by end of Sunday, March 15, 2015


  1. Dear Cynthia,

    I tweeted hese, but wanted to make sure you got them! It took a while to make them, I apologize!

    Thank you very much for your kind words so far, your help brining people's attention to this game would be very helpful! The science is very fundamental, and it doesn't "feel" like you are learning anything, so non-scientists often don't "feel" like they are learning anything. Scientists, who stop to look at the game, are excited and see the fundamentals being clearly presented! The cross over is difficult :-) I think some fantastic art, big beautiful landscapes of molecules and science-looking bits will speak to to the non-scientist audience... I have several plans for "better marketing next time!"

    Thank you for playing and reviewing Immune Defense! Even if you do not have time this week (IndieGoGo ends Mar 1), I would still really appreciate your thoughts on how we present inflammation. Mac Build. PC Version

    If you download and install, you can play over and over and avoid the download time that the web build requires!


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