What's in a Name?

Used with permission from Wellcome Library, London

I wasn't initially sure if I wanted the title "The Febrile Muse".  After all, not all infectious diseases or infestations bring on fever.  Not all febrile illnesses are due to infectious disease, and not all infectious diseases bring on fever all the time.  In addition, infectious diseases, when affecting a loved one aren't particularly amusing--all too often there are terrifying results.  Infectious Diseases can be terrifying, interesting, sometimes mundane, but always awe-inspiring. Scientists who study them and people who draft them in their art are interested, and interesting to me.  The link between art and infectious disease will be explored here.  I welcome any comments as you are the one reading this. You are the one seeking information and inspiration, I hope. 

I kept the name because of a poem I found.  When Sir William Watson (1858-1935), the English poet wrote sonnets on England's desertion of Armenia, The Purple East, he appears to despair over the British's involvement in the events and the state of the civilians in Armenia.  Among other things he feels that creativity can save us:

"...And flee the things that are unmaking you. 
Still in your midst there dwells a remnant, who
Love not an unclean Art, a Stage no less
Unclean, a gibing and reviling Press,
A febrile Muse, and Fiction febrile too.
And they it is would pluck you from this slime..." 

taken from Last Word.

Creativity can save us.  I'm looking forward to learning and sharing what I learn.  


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