What's Coming in 2nd Quarter of 2011?

  • Book page will include books portraying malaria [with an excellent review, if available]
    • Adult fiction and non-fiction
    • Children and young adult literature
  • Brave New World of Inoculations, here on The Febrile Muse or as guest somewhere [to be determined soon]

  • Shaw's Play:  The Doctor's Dilemma
  • The Brother's Grimm and Fairy Tales of Infection
  • The Ghost Map and other tales of epidemiology
  • A Tale of Scientific Literacy
  • Focus on a bacteria...the macroscope view

If you have a potential topic that you would like to see, or if your country is faced with an infectious disease dilemma that you would like discussed here, please contact me or leave a comment.  I will address it as best as I can....ideas and questions should be shared.  

I'm looking forward to the next few months!  


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