Genesis: Bubble-swirl of primeval sea

Genesis, by Bruce Taylor; mixed media, matted
with texturized white mat, framed under glass;
photo by Doran 2011
There is a danger in taking a photograph of a framed print, yet Bruce Taylor's work "Genesis" was so intriguing that I had to ask to display it, and he agreed.  If you wish to learn more about his original, feel free to contact him.

I've asked J. S. Lee from The Tenth Muse for one of her new-beginning-type poems.  In another way, her poem displays the same awe for existence....better than I could write here.


I can smell the rain on the wind
the warmth in the air it lofts skyward,
soft and soughing.
Untame spring unfolds her wings,
sings in words I cannot yet hear.
There is existence and then there is existence.
Today I tremble because I am
afraid of both.

--J. S. Lee
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  1. beautiful poem and painting and they complement each other perfectly!

  2. Thank you Crafty...I value your opinion; I love your choices on website.


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