The Febrile Muse Turns One: Many Thanks

Origin of Enthusiasm; painting by Lisa Stevens 2010
December 2, 2011 marks the one-year birthday of The Febrile Muse. Thank you to each and every reader.

My heartfelt thanks also to collaborators and editors: Genegeek and Gjerda are fantastic people to learn new things with; gotta love their enthusiasm. Speaking of enthusiasm, Bora Zivkovic at Scientific American  must be the most enthusiastic editor alive, along with my editor Lisa at NYJB, of course. Amy at, Robert at, and Cesar at Twisted Bacteria ooze enthusiasm for their science as well.  Some great writers and artists are: Joanna Lee, ArtologicaGlendon MellowMegan Pearce, Curtis Andrews, Bruce Taylor, Richard Nickel, Jr. at the Kingston Lounge, Richard Benjamin from the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, Amy Fraser, and Jack Zipes. The list is not all-inclusive, and authors of books I have mentioned in the past year are included in my thanks, but the above people have recently directly inspired me to write, edit, grow, and enjoy the whole process.

I also appreciate the people who have hired me to write and edit, the people who have let me read their books, my family, and now the people I will work with as a clinical pharmacist at a wonderful rural hospital. The Febrile Muse's followees and followers on twitter and facebook have also been fantastic in leading me to interesting reads and visuals.

Original Source of blackboard writing unknown,
but found on The
Because of you all, it has been a fantastic entry into the world of writing infectious disease science, medicine, pharmacy, literature, art, and history on the internet; I look forward to another year...and the ideas keep piling up...thanks to you.

What's coming up you say?

For December, The Febrile Muse will post articles about holiday gifts for the infectiously inclined and Ghost Maps and epidemiology. A guest-post is also coming soon--about HIV and the treatment advances of the last 30 years.

Do I really need to say who these guys are?
photo from Wikipedia
For the New Year, comedy will receive some attention. We all need a good laugh, so there may be some references to "The Three Stooges" or "Seinfeld." For 2012, there will also be serious posts like discussions of pogroms, Riverblindness, and much Inflammatory Language (a series of primers). In addition, endless books (like "Petroplague") and movies (like "Contagion") portray infectious disease (and microbes in general) in various lights.
What a Turkey
Thanksgiving craft photo by Aimee
Herring; found on

Book reviews of "Legend" by Marie Lu  and "Bacteria: the Bad, the Benign, and the Beautiful" by Trudy Wassenaar will pop-up on NYJB. What could they possibly have in common? Hmmm, you'll have to read and find out.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday (if you are in the States) and a wonderful Winter/Summer (lots of Australian readers). Stay tuned!


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