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Because of the generosity of readers and the science community, The Febrile Muse was able to help support this fabulous project, spearheaded by Rose Eveleth and her colleagues Ben Lillie (Story Collider) and Bora Zivkovic (Scientific American). They are developing a web-home for the best of science multimedia.

In support of science and science writing....and multimedia! There are 8 more days to go on Kickstarter.



  1. Sorry to contact you on a comment post but I would just like to bring to your attention the new If you think that your audience would find this site useful, please link to it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for informing me. On the surface, the editorial board for ID looks good. I'll take a few reads now and again to see what I think. Please support science around you and your new website. All the best.

  2. good information and the video is nice thanks to make us aware now im going to join the science studio to be aware with science and technologies
    you may also like to be aware about water in this link

  3. What kind of science studio is this? Is this for some kind of research on some particular areas or a general science studio?


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