Winner of 3rd Annual Inflammatory Language Contest!

The Febrile Muse has chosen Immune Defense, a novel molecular game by Melanie Stegman, Ph.D., Creative Director of Immune Defense and Owner of Molecular Jig Games.  

Many people were involved in the creation of this game. For more details, go to Immune Defense Game. In addition, congratulations to the creators on their successful IndieGoGo project,  to develop it further!

There will soon be a follow-up post by Dr. Stegman that includes game details and screen shots (and links to play it!!!). Here is the Immune Defense trailer:

As promised, Dr. Stegman will receive a PBS review copy of American Experience: The Forgotten Plague. The Deadly Story of Tuberculosis in America, and the Hunt for a Cure as her prize. Congratulations!

AND....A Huge thank you to everyone that submitted material. 


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