Inflammatory Language: Call for Submissions

The Febrile Muse will be starting "Inflammatory Language." This will be a series of brief primers concerning inflammation. Here is the call for submissions!  Would you like to contribute a very brief [300 word or less] primer that relates in some way--inflammation? You can use humor, politics, current events, artwork, or whatever you wish as long as it is appropriate for viewing and written so that most people can understand it.

The overall goal is to accurately inform readers.

Submissions can be sent to thefebrilemuse[at]gmail[dot]com, and as soon as I have received acceptible submissions, I will begin posting with your byline and link to your website. Thank you in advance.

Neutrophil chasing some Staphylococcus aureus
(from 16mm movie by David Rogers, 
Vanderbilt University, in the 1950s)


  1. THAT is an AMAZING video. Hard to believe it's real life stuff.

  2. "Truth is stranger than fiction." Thanks for reading/viewing.


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