Scientific American Guest Blog: Tinea Speaks Up--a Fairy Tale

A Graveyard in Ireland; "Circle of Friends"
photograph by Curtis Andrews; 
curtismandrews[at]yahoo[dot]com; Waukesha WI
This story published on Scientific American Guest Blog yesterday relates to power of infectious diseases, yet told in Fairy Tale format.  Ringworm and other scalp diseases were commonly grouped together as "scald head" or "mange" in fairy tales.  In my tale "Tinea speaks up--A Fairy Tale" Tinea wants power and makes a case for it by using some fairy tales [that of the Arabian Nights, Basile, Grimm and Calvino] as evidence of her worthiness.  It is not as "scientific" as "Lenina versus the pneumococcus," but infectious disease is central.


  1. I find the way way your mind works to be amazingly creative! ringworm in fairy tale format-- i mean, wow. really enjoyed the tale, both its scientific aspects and those less so.

  2. wow....thank you joanna. I'm glad you enjoyed the tale. I was thinking about that one for a while, and I have always loved fairy tales, and one night it hit me...I love the process of wrestling with the ideas for a while.


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