Lost in the Tangles: Journey and Genes of Alzheimer's

Genegeek and I co-developed "Lost in the Tangles: Journey and Genes of Alzheimer's" to enter into GeneScreenbc's 2011 video competition.  The project was geared toward education and was 
"targeted towards those interested in creating short films aimed at educating students in grades 8 to 12 about any topic related to the role of genetics and genomics in human health." [Genescreenbc]

Genegeek and I decided to give it a try, our first attempt. We had a great time working together on it, with our HS student video editor--a sweet trifecta considering the goal of the project.  

As to the relevance of Alzheimer's to an infectious disease website--there is no known infectious disease cause. However, inflammation plays a key role in Alzheimer's pathology.

Please view the video and "like" it if you wish to vote for us--there is a People's Choice Award for the one with the most "likes."
Regardless of the outcome, the three of us have won a fantastic experience.

In tribute to memory, here is J.S. Lee...
it's a process

head tipped back and lens out of focus
i sip the last dregs of sunlight
from a summer fast fading,
etching her colors black-inked into tomorrow,
tracing my words into the wet cement of eternity.
my steps quicken to match the fall
of the leaves over old brick in the city’s
East end, my footfalls small
miracles of blurry substance in a brittle
but the words
just won’t flow like
they’re supposed; they start and they
stutter over roots in the sidewalk, getting lost in the
mutter of leaves and passing traffic and sometimes
when the light recalls just perfectly
the way it used to fall
through your bedroom blinds in
September’s late mornings, then
the muscles at the top of my throat
close up and in the sudden rush of air
that i swallow to
push the memories back
down into oblivion, they
vanish altogether,
leaving my shadow to
walk alone through the early October


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